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Martin “Matosimi” Šimecek (Slovakia) shared an update for «Fallen Kingdom», his puzzle game that won the second place in the Atari Bit Byter User Club (ABBUC) 2021.

Among the enhancements, Matosimi fixed a code error that affected users of the popular Altirra emulator, causing the game to crash during the final sequence.

As explained on his website, the supposed issue was part of the game's ending; however, players were getting stuck in an infinite loop due to an incorrect conditional jump.

Another novelty is that when the game detects it is running in NTSC mode, it adjusts its speed, music speed, and colors to match as closely as possible the PAL mode for which it was originally designed.

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Your mission in «Fallen Kingdom» is to defeat the red king using your blue pieces. Each piece moves in the same direction as in classic chess, but gravity comes into play once the move is completed.

It is worth noting that the author himself has indicated that his chess piece puzzle game is a demake of Robert Alvarez's «Chessformer», with additional levels.

Fallen Kingdom ver. 1.2 for Atari 8-bit computers
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